The Gods Play - PONG

lizsolo | Uncategorized | Friday, July 4th, 2008

The Gods from l to r - lizsolo Mathilde, Tran Spire, Bibbe Oh, Man Michinaga, Fau Ferdinand, Great Escape, Gazira Babeli

Welcome to the Second Front Blog 2.0.

Second Front are busy kicking it into high gear with a full slate of performances and presentations scheduled for the Fall. To prepare for the upcoming season of mayhem the Second Front took some time to relax. We let our inner Gods out and visited Olympus…

Mount Olympus, photo Man Michinaga

Here Gazira Babeli, Medusa Queen, sits in the Waiting Room of the Gods:

Bibbe Oh (Calypso, Goddess of Skanking, Reggae and good weed), Fau Ferdinand (Medusa) and lizsolo Mathilde (half-sister of Goddess Persephone) arrive and also take a seat in the waiting Room of the Gods, with mysterious observer in the background (mysterious observer turns out to be friend - Window Oh).

Tran Spire was so excited he could not sit down.

We reminisced about the last time we were here, visiting Olympus together, with Man Michinaga and Great Escape. This photo was taken before lizsolo found her perfect Goddess dress. Great Escape’s wingspan as Icarus was so impressive.

And Man Michinaga’s God persona, Prometheus, was an absolute hit with the ladies:

Here we are gathering around the flame preparing for the Main Event. Yes, there is really only one reason to visit Olympus at this time of year - to play the Gods’ favorite game - PONG.

Gazira at the flame:

A great action shot of Fau Ferdinand taking a run at the flame:

PONG! Bibbe Oh is Ponged and takes flight:


Second Front’s time playing Pong at the site of OlymPong was documented on machinima. View the video on Blip TV at the link below.

Pong on Blip Tv

Here are the Gods on the roof of the OlymPong Building in beautiful downtown Olympus. After we had been sufficiently Ponged we erected images of ourselves to admire, another favorite pass-time of the Gods.

Stay Tuned for post about Second Front’s Smoking Races in Amsterdam! Coming up..

New Blog!

Scott Kildall | Uncategorized | Friday, July 4th, 2008

Second Front is on its Second Blog. The old one was getting clunky, just like our inventory of freebies in Second Life. Put this RSS feed into your newsreader.

Re-introducing the Second Front roster, we have: Gazira Babeli, Yael Gilks, (a.k.a. Fau Ferdinand), Bibbe Hansen (Bibbe Oh), Doug Jarvis (Trans Spire), Scott Kildall (Great Escape), Patrick Lichty (Man Michinaga) and Liz Solo (Lizsolo Mathilde),

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