Grand Theft Avatar Video

lizsolo | Uncategorized | Friday, August 29th, 2008

In Second Life, Lynden Labs owns huge amounts of land, makes their own laws and mints their own currency. They are, in effect, a nation-state. On April 14th, 2008, Second Front raided the Lynden Treasury. We plotted, we attacked and we freed the Lynden Dollars. Presented as a live performance at a panel discussion hosted at the San Francisco Art Institute, we impersonated the panelists to disguise our true identities in this historic raid.

View the video Grand Theft Avatar event by following this link to bliptv:
Grand Theft Avatar

Smoking in Amsterdam

lizsolo | Uncategorized | Friday, August 29th, 2008

Ze Moo invited Second Front to the Amsterdam Sim to comment the smoking ban in Amsterdam cafes and public spaces. So, what to do, what to do? Would we smoke each other? Could we smoke ourselves? It was Fau Ferdinand and Man Michinaga, late one night in the SF Laboratory, who eventually came up with the brilliant plan! A race through Amsterdam, each of us driving our own specially modified, personally customized, fully loaded, Iron Lung Machines! lizsolo’s alien-themed “Lungster” is pictured above, created by Man Michiniga.

Second Front Iron Lung Races!
photos by Great Escape and lizsolo Mathilde

At the Starting Line

Great Escape takes an early lead.

Smoking makes you high! Bibbe Oh and Gazira Babeli take to the sky.

Smoke Break! Gazira, Bibbe, Fau Ferdinand and lizsolo stop for a puff.
smoke break!
lizsolo, Great Escape and Man Michinaga take another smoke break.

With so many smoke breaks and combustible distractions the race never really ended. Though there was no clear “winner” of the Iron Lung Races in this, the first SF Sports event, we smoked Amsterdam.

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