Losing It

lizsolo | Uncategorized | Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Caged and suspended , Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde are looking for something most people take for granted ..

Second Front have just released a new machinima made by Osprey Therian. The video was conceived by Fau Ferdinand with Bibbe Oh. Losing It was performed at RMIT Creative Media in Second Life by Fau Ferdinand and lizsolo Mathilde. Sound by Zeb Vindaloo, a.k.a. Robert Gilks. Special thanks to Pyewacket Kazyanenko.

Click the image to watch the vide on Blip tv

Car Bibbe

lizsolo | Uncategorized | Saturday, January 31st, 2009

The Second Front performance of Car Bibbe is based on a script by Al Hansen of Fluxus. Al Hansen wrote the piece for his daughter, Bibbe Hansen, a.k.a. Bibbe Oh.

Introduction to Car Bibbe
“In Postface, Dick Higgins wrote about Car Bibbe: Another Hansen Happening might be described here… A hundred cars come to a beach at twilight, when people might well be going home, They filled up the beach parking lot. They flashed lights, and honked horns, drove forward and back again rapidly and jerkily, now ten feet forward, now five feet back, now ten feet forward, now twenty-five feet back, wherever there was room to go. To one puppeteer, a teacher whom I know, it was the most maddening thing he had ever esen. He ran up and down the dunes screaming. In the midst of the cars there was a single car with twenty-five people on and in it, all singing and having a fine old time. On the roof, one of the people had a broken leg. He fell off the car, cracked his cast and rebroke his leg. There is almost always plenty of physical danger in a Hansen piece as well as intellectual danger.”

Al Hansen said of this piece “I did a piece called Car Bibbe, named after my daughter. Ten or fifteen automobiles. Reads List samples. The counting was to insure there would be silences. The last performance of this was in Dusseldorf. Someone rang the bell of a bicyle that was leaning against the fence and that caused a dog to bark woof woof! Like an angel came down and kissed me.”

These great images by Bibbe Oh are from Second Front’s performance of “Car Bibbe” presented at Around the Coyote, 2008 Fall Arts Festival, in October 2008. Curated by LiveBox.

Car Bibbe is to be performed again at Bridge Art Fair Armory Show on March 7th, as also pointed out by Man Michinaga below.

Second Front is alive and well.

All photos by Bibbe Oh/Bibbe Hansen. Pictured here are SF members Bibbe Oh, Fau Ferdinand, Great Escape, lizsolo Mathilde, Tran Spire and Man Michinaga.

A brief update.

patlichty | Uncategorized | Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I recently talked to a critic from ArtForm who asked whether we had gone dormant. Not so, just the blog…

So, in recent days, we:

Performed the
“Large Hardon Collider II”
“L’origine du monde” II
“Losing it” @ Arena
“Attacking DCA” @ Arena
“Double Happiness: Kill the Poor” @ Eyebeam NYC

And we will be doing a piece at Transmediale Berlin on Jan 31 around the idea of terror…
There may be a piece done at University of Colorado around Feb 16,
Car Bibbe 2 will be performed at the Bridge Art Fair @ Armory Show on Mar 7th,

So there. We’re not dormant.

We’re just slacking on telling you what we’re doing.
Sorry about that. 


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