The Summer of Love 2.0

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Patrick Lichty is joined by Second Front, Janell Baxter, T. Burtonwood, and many others for
“Summer of Love 2.0”: A Durational Social Media Performance“, starting July 7 and running until July 12 at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art’s Here/Not There summer series. Summer of Love 2.0 an e-Happening occurring on the 42nd anniversary of the the Summer of Love in San Francisco. For the Opening, Lichty and Second Front will perform an interpretation of Lennon & Ono’s “Bed Piece” in Second Life, projected live in the gallery.

Have we created through Social Media a “New Togetherness”
Have we realized McLuhan’s Global Village?
If Open Source/Free Libre is another form of Free Love, have we made a trans-panoptic state or created a Sartean hell.
Is our new togetherness a new form of “Free Love”?

“For the period of time, I am performing a durational/relational piece about Social Media asking, “What is Love?” After seeing an ad campaign by Macy’s with pure-looking hippie girls selling the “Summer of Love”, and the YouTube video talking about “2.0”, I’ve come to wonder about what love has become since 1967. Has it merely become a marketing tool for collectivized individuality, or can we still love one another? The concept of togetherness in the age of networked society is complex, but perhaps we can derive meaning from looking at the differences between 1967 and 2009.
For seven days, I am going to make my life transparent to the Social Nets, in a loving (?) sense of Marina Abramovic’s The House with the Ocean View or Hasan Elahi’s sousveillance work. During this time, I will try to have a channel open at all times, inviting people to have a “virtual be-in” with me, and stage small happenings in the gallery.”

In Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Open 10-5 Wednesday - Sunday, 10-8 on Tuesdays,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

In Second Life:

On Facebook:
Summer of Love 2.0 on Facebook

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plichty aht colum dot edu

July 7-12+, 2009 Noon-5PM in Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Gallery,
Daily performances from 2-3 PM by Second Front at I Am Columbia in Second Life
Group Hug Panoramic Photos, Jul.12, 3 PM Outside MCA Gallery
Special Events all through the week. Look at the Facebook page for the most info.
In Second Life:
Daily Sculpture competition in “Ragland” region, 7 PM, SLT/PST.

@ The MCA:
Daily Discussions of the daily topic, 12×12 room
1-2 PM CST
“Hug” Action, 3-4 PM, 12×12 room
Panoramic “Group Hug” photo:
3 PM July 12, outside MCA (Meet at 12×12 room @ 2:45)

In Second Life:
Free “Dream Umbrellas” created in cooperation with Cao Fei for RMB City @ the Yokohama Triennial
Vendor at

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