image from the dance party.

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Top 5 fest @ BiW

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Hey Virtual Art Fans…
This has been an unusually chatty month for SF, as I think summer has set in and we’re chiilin’large.

This week, we were at Brooklyn is Watching’s opening for their top top 5 and top 30 At Odyssey ande Kansas Univ sites.

Seems like GE (Scott Kildall was in Brooklyn for the physical event, and Pat Lichty (as Man Michinaga) was there virtually. Lizsolo tp’ed in from St. John’s.

Damned Gazira! Follows me everywhere…

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Here are images from when I visited the Italian Consulate in NYC last month.

You can see why I’m protesting.  

Just revolting.

Italian culture has just gone down the drain…

Second Sight at the Italian Consulate

In attendance at Cao Fei’s RMB City 3rd Mayoral Inauguration

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At 2 PM Beijing time, 11 PM SLT on Aug. 2/1, the RMB city team announced that Jerome Sans would become the 3rd Mayor of Cao Fei’s virtual analogue of Beijing, RMB City.  As stated on the RMB website:

Jerome Sans is Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing, and cultural curator for the hotel chain Le Meridien. He co-founded the innovative Palais de Tokio museum in Paris in 2002, and served as its co-director until 2006, and has curated numerous exhibitions worldwide. He is a singer and songwriter as a member of the rock band Liquid Architecture ( 

Since we created the “Dream Umbrellas” project for Fei in Deceber of last year for the Yokohama Trienniale, I wanted Man to be there, because he had been very absent from the RMB scene, and could actually make that time (1 AM, New Orleans time).

No one else from SF were on, so I invited Mab Macmorath, one of the organizers of the SLon Des Refusees that will be going up in a couple weeks, and we mainly observed.   Giana, and italian artist fromt he RMB  team, showed up about a half hour early, then about ten minutes before, Cao Fei and Jerome Sans followed, along with an entourage of avatars.

The event was to swear out Alan Lau, and swear in Jerome (who goes by SuperConcierge) - his platform is that of accessibility and interaction - a concierge who is interested in the interfacing of worlds, and the interaction with its residents.

Since Man will be finishing the Umbrella project in Sept-Oct, it’ll be interesting to see how Superconcierge will breathe more life into the RMB City project.

After the inauguration, we went into Fei’s giant Panda where we experienced a cyclonic money jar, and when I found myself being thrown around by the currency, one artist sid, “See? The market is a turbulent and dangerous thing.  You should be careful before jumping in…”

Too True.

More info HERE

Going to RMB City’s 3Rd Mayoral Inauguration.

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Denizens at the Bar (Man and Mab)

gandhi gets a pizza.

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Gandhi gets a pizza

Special Delivery to Gandhi by PizzaCicci and the Alien Empress.

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Sometimes you might wonder what happens between SF perrformances.  We’re often not idle.  A lot happens.

The Other day, Lizsolo was practiciing her perrformance as breastfeeding Zombie Alien Empress, when she decided to inform a lot of us (Helfe, me, a few others) that she has figured out a way to broadcast live from SL.  I fired up the channel, and ther eon my screen, was the Empress at her breast, and I thought that this was the time for the Pizza Slut, PizzaCicci, to arrive on the scene,

Within minutes, the pizza truck was on screen woth liz, with a piping hot deluxe for her and her young’un.

But, off in the distance, what did we hear?  Gandhi (played by Joseph DeLappe) was in prison, and he was tired of gruel.  The Empress of the Underworld and PizzaCici to the rescue!

We went over there, to be confronted by his guard, but Liz teleported inside, and my pizza serving paddle went right throught he wall. Another satisfied customer!  Gandhi then returned the favor by doign some of his “REDACTED” performance tweets, and after an hour altogether, I logged off.  The amazing  thing is that we can now broadcast to people without SL running.

We live in science-fictiony times.  


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